1° Lending helps your financial institution's existing customers improve the terms and conditions of their customers' student loan debts while also attracting new customers.

Experienced management team, here to help you grow.


Allow customers to reduce their student loan interest rates and lower their monthly payments using a product that is funded by your bank or credit union.

Program Overview

the Program

1° Lending loans are originated by the financial institution, held for a period of time and then electively sellable into the secondary market.

The financial institution earns interest throughout the period the loan is held. As with most education loan products, the 1° Lending loan is currently not dischargeable in bankruptcy and can be used to refinance private as well as eligible federal and state education loans.


1° Lending interest rates are fixed and range from prime plus 0.50% to 3.00%, based on applicant credit criteria.

Underwriting is performed by 1° Lending and focuses on underwriting criteria set by the financial institution and 1° Lending secondary market buyers. Borrowers must have attended a four-year Title IV eligible education institution with a cohort default rate of 8% or less.

Minimum loan amount is $10,000 with a maximum of $250,000. Loan terms range from 5 to 20 years


1° Lending has interfacing technology that creates an application process to provide your applicants with a pre-qualification status within minutes of submission. From there, 1° Lending will perform all underwriting, present disclosures, and disburse funds.

When the loans are sold into the secondary market, the financial institution is paid 100% of principal and accrued interest at the time of sale.


Compliance-Ready Technology Exchange For Refinanced Student Loan Opportunities With No Loan Setup Costs. No Marketing Costs Over And Above Any Costs You Wish To Incur In Marketing The Program To Your Customers.



From compliance and marketing to management and liquidity,
we’ve made the process easy for institutions.

How It Works

Getting Started

1° Lending will establish a contractual business relationship with your financial institution that covers loan origination, loan servicing, and secondary market takeout. Once the contracts are in place, your 1° Lending program can be “up and running” within a matter of days. And there’s no program setup fee involved.

Loan Origination

1° Lending maintains the Master Loan Origination contract. This contract covers underwriting, disclosure distribution, and disbursement of the 1° Lending program.


1° Lending uses a proprietary data system to identity a student debt target audience within your financial institution's customer base.  Once identified, we will work with your financial institution to customize a marketing and sales solution that drives 1° Lending volume and revenue to your bottom line and creates a dynamic distribution model that easily reaches and fully meets the needs of your customers.


Loan Servicing

1° Lending custom matches your financial institution to the right servicing company to meet your needs.

Once connected, the servicing company provides customer service, billing, and online services to your customers and provides your institution with portal access to reports and other tools to help manage the portfolio.

1° Lending will process the sale to the secondary market and will retain master servicing rights on your institution’s portfolio to maintain continuity of service to your customer base.


Your financial institution will have a forward commitment with 1° Lending and a specific secondary market entity to ensure liquidity and mitigation of loan loss risk.

1° Lending loans can be held on your balance sheet or sold periodically with proceeds being wired to your institution same day as the sale takes place.

What's Next?

For more information about the 1° Lending program, please contact 1° Lending at

After our initial conversation, we will start launching your financial institution on its way to being a successful participant in the 1° Lending student loan refinance program!



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